UNESCO evaluators visit the Sallent Site.

21/06/2016, Sallent (Spain)

Dr. Setsuya Nakada and Dr Aniello Aloia as UNESCO evaluators of  “The Geological and Mining Park of Central Catalonia (UNESCO)” (http://www.geoparc.cat/en/nivells/contingut/titular/qui-is-el-geoparc-2 ) visited Sallent pilot area and in this occasion they was shown to them the Wi-GIM project .
The Geological and Mining Park of Central Catalonia (UNESCO) formed by the Bages region and the municipality of Collbató, is actively working for the protection of its geological heritage, and integrating it in a territorial strategy of sustainable economic development.


The Catalan Potassic Basin is an example of world relevance of the sedimentation of marine evaporitic rocks, with minerals such as halite (common salt) and sylvite (potash). It is formed 37 million years ago in a spectacular tectonic context: the rise of the Pyrenees.