24 November 2014 - Skype Meeting

Skype Meeting has been fixed for Monday 24 November

Ongoing Financial and Technical Review

The Ongoing Financial and Technical Review that will take place 29 July 2014 in Florence.

The program is:

09.00 - Start and presentation of the monitoring team
09:15 - State of the art of technical project, task to task (with presentations by the partners).
        Open discussion of technical issues, countermeasures, and delivery of the Initial Report.
12.30 - Pause
14.30 - Start of the session the administrative / financial discussion with the following main aspects
         (all supporting documentation of costs is to be transferred by the Beneficiary coordinator at the headquarters of the visit):
        - State of the costs (to prepare an updated table, broken down by categories of expenditure).
        - Check the status of updating the financial report (form reporting costs)
        - Verification of the reporting criteria in staff costs (time-sheet recording working time, calculation of unit-rate).
        - Verification of the supporting costs documentation incurred in the other categories of expenditure.
17.00 - Other business
18.00 - End of visit

Wi-GIM kick-off meeting

Wi-GIM kick-off meeting have been palnned for 11 February 2014.

Wi-GIM meeting

A Wi-GIM meeting has been schedule on 9 May 2014 for discussing the advancement of the project.