20-21 July 2015 - Annual Visit of EC for Wi Gim project

Mr. Tosi will take a visit for the annual meeting of the WiGim Project. He has confirmed his availability for the 20 and 21 of July.In the day of the 20 of July, DST, INGV and RER will present the Roncovetro site during the on field inspection.
The 21 of July he will be in Florence during our meeting to check the progress of the project; the 20 Mr. Tosi desire to perform an inspection of the site of Roncovetro (devices, total station, drone, measurements).
For the  21 of July  we will show a presentation with the carried out activities, we will present the prototype in the debugging state and the performed measured. In the afternoon, ICAD will provide to  perform with Mr. Tosi  the revision of the financial part - Rosa will contact yours administrative during this week to request the necessary documentation.

29 April 2015 - Skype Meeting

Skype Meeting has been fixed for 29 April

25 February 2015 - Meeting with coordinator in Florence

Meeting has been fixed for 25 February

10 March 2015 - Skype Meeting

Skype Meeting has been fixed for 10 March

15 December 2014 - Skype Meeting

The last meeting for coordination the las t action is fixed for Monday 15 December 2014