The information Panels have been installed on Sites

Information Panel on Sallent Site Information Panel on Roncovetro Site

The Wi-GIM webpage is online

After a period in which the Wi-GIM webpage had a temporaly domain, since 18 July Wi-GIM is on line with the adress:

Structure From Motion 3D reconstruction of Roncovetro Landslide.

INGV and RER team have been dealing in 3D recostruction of Roncovetro landslide topography from aereal photo. The first results are encouraging.

Roncovetro Landslide field survey

On the 28 May 2014, the teams of DST UNIFI and INGV went on the Roncovetro Landslide in order to carrying out a first field survey. The two team of researches were guided by the geologist Giovanni Bertolini of Regione Emilia Romagna.
The objectives of the survey were:

  • observation of the morphology and evaluation of the state of activity of the landslide;
  • individuation of stable points for the installation of the total station;
  • laser scanner and GPS surveys for producing a reference acquisition in order to measure possible displacements with future acquisitions;
  • individuation of active parts of the landslide that may be optimal for the installation of Wi-GIM, with special reference to the distance and the line of sights among the nodes
  • plan the airborne LIDAR survey

DTS-UNIFI technical report

Location of investigated sites

Roncovetro Lanslide Sallent Village