Wi-GIM - Wireless Sensor Network for Ground Instability Monitoring

Wireless sensor network for Ground Instability Monitoring (Wi-GIM) project aims, in the frame of EU LIFE+ program, to develop an accurate, flexible and low-cost system for ground deformation monitoring. The Wi-GIM system is based on two types of wireless devices: the nodes (sensor node - SN) and base stations (Base Station - BS). The movement of ground is detected by acquiring the position of each of the SN that are organized in a wireless sensor network (WSN), whose position is determined by integrating two different technologies, specifically designed for the purpose. The data collected by technology 1 are processed with the data collected by technology 2 in order increase the accuracy of the system. The displacements of the landslide can be then displayed in different modes, including 3D.



Wi-GIM at the Open Day of the University of Florence

15 February 2017

Wi-GIM system has been presented at the Open Day of Scuola di Scienze Matematiche, Fisiche e Naturali, University of florence.

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Wi-GIM Final Meeting in Florence

Wi-GIM final meeting is approaching, if you want discover more about the tecnologies implemented in the Utra Wide Band system and the result obtained after one year of monitoring, you are very welcome.

Attendance is free, but the registration is needed.

See the program HERE

Form for registration click HERE


La Settimana del Pianeta Terra

Wi-GIM is present to the "4° Edizione de: La settimana del Pianeta Terra". Thanks to Giovanni Bertolini and Emanuele Intieri.



Latest News

Wi-GIM workshop at ICGC, Barcellona

The Wi-GIM workshop in Barcelona had a great success. More than 100 people attended the seminar and were introduced to the Wi-GIM system and to the data it has been collecting in Sallent and Roncovetro. Thanks to Jordi, Xavier and all the ICGC for this wonderful day.